Cemetery of Douaumont Ossuary: 15,000 french soldiers from the Great War lie buried here on the former battlefield of Verdun, where in 1916, within around 300 days, approximately 230,000 men have been killed.

If you are interested in learning more about this part of the European history, you should have a look at This website not only offers information about the events at that time, but it is also linked to databases, which contain the names, documents, and burial places of identified soldiers.

Blocks and boxes

Looking at Ostend beach we find a lot of rectangular and even polyangular forms there. From beach huts like these …


… to artificial rocks in bright orange, to sand heaps, which employees from Disneyland Paris have built for the Sand Sculpture Festival at the local beach. Seems like the company is expanding its business to the more northern parts of Europe. So watch out, next year you will probably see them preparing the same event at German sea resorts, too! Well, how about ‘Sand Magic’ in Koserow, Zinnowitz or √úckeritz?